Workshop Supervisor

Choosing a career in the auto industry is considered a nontraditional path for many, but this was especially the case for Caroline being a woman. As she went through her training, she found she was the only woman in many of her classes. While she says that this brought on some nerves at first, it didn’t stop her from achieving her goals. Caroline's classmates and instructors saw her determination and quickly caught on to the fact that she knew very well what she was doing. She has no regrets and loves her job at CAS as the workshop supervisor. Success doesn't come without hard work, though, and Caroline had to go through many challenging experiences as a woman in the automotive industry in Uganda where many people refused to believe she could accomplish her goals.

Caroline says that her job has made her strong and independent and that more females are needed in the industry because they can do just as much as men and the ladies always bring something special to the industry.

Currently, Caroline manages the day-to-day operations of the workshop and the stores, overseas health and safety protocols, supervises the 50-point check-ups that CAS performs on each vehicle before and after every safari, keeps all maintenance records on our vehicles, spearheads a environment of teamwork and comradery in the workshop and more.  Additionally, Caroline runs her own organization that educates young women in menstrual health awareness and preparedness.