Kidepo Valley National Park


One of Africa’s Last Great Wilderness Areas

Kidepo Valley NP is Uganda’s second largest park (556mi²).

In the far North, bordering South Sudan and Kenya, lies the Kidepo Valley National Park. One of Africa’s last great wilderness areas, Kidepo is Uganda’s second largest park (556mi²). The savannah landscape is dominated by Mount Morungole and broken by the Narus Valley in the southwest and the Kidepo Valley in the northeast. The ever-flowing Narus River makes Kidepo an oasis in the semi-arid environment. This is a wild place of big skies, vast rocky mountains and golden plains dotted with giraffe, zebra, lion, elephant, buffalo, ostrich and antelope species.

While the game viewing delivers, it is the sense of true isolation that distinguishes this rare slice of remote Africa. The region is home to two distinctive ethnic groups with cherished traditions; the Karamajong and the Ik.


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