Without the proper equipment...you're lost.

We take the design, fabrication & maintenance of our vehicle fleet very seriously. We have a dedicated facility staffed with some of the best mechanics in the business. We worry, so you don't have to.

Our Vehicles

The heart and soul of CAS in Uganda is our guiding team and our fleet of custom-built safari 4x4s. When it comes to your client’s travel experience, an excellent guide piloting a top-of-the-line vehicle is a winning combo. There's something about a seemingly endless dirt road disappearing into the hills ahead...the mystery of what's around the next corner is the essence and romance of travel. Sure, our adventures have tamed a little bit from the old days at Classic, but the wildness is still there. Now, we travel in the comfort of 4x4s that we designed ourselves - based on the trial and error of those early, grand adventures.  

CAS co-founder, Mel Gormley, oversees all vehicle customization in our Entebbe workshop and ensures that it meets our exacting standards. It’s a process unique to CAS and the outcome is our extended luxury 4x4 - a gem born of decades of vehicle design experience and overland adventures through East Africa. Mel’s background in mechanics, vehicle design, fabrication and logistics means that we deliver the safest, most dependable and highly personalized experience on the ground.



All window-seat ‘Captain’s chairs’ (no middle seats here!), A/C, electric coolers for cold drinks, eco-friendly drinking water refill and a full tea & coffee kit with picnic acoutremon.


Three-point seatbelts, GPS tracking, proprietary powertrain modifications, state-of-the-art tyres and COVID-era cleaning & detailing protocols.


Pop-top safari roof for 360-degree game viewing (incl “co-pilot” seat), full-height sliding latch windows, deep pockets for stashing guide books & binos, photography bean bags, and charging points so your battery is never dead.


We are Uganda’s premier safari company maintaining our own vehicle fabrication and coach-building workshop.

Our vehicles are not only serviced on a regular basis, but custom-built for safari use to our own specifications.  Because of this, we can provide the most client comfort and minimize the risk of breakdowns, ensuring client peace-of-mind.

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