11 January 2023 Kampala, Uganda -- The Minister of Health, Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth Ocero, declared Uganda Ebola-free. In an MOH statement, Dr. Aceng outlines the WHO requirement for a full 42 day clearance period to declare the outbreak ended. Uganda has now reached that mark with no new cases.

"Having spent two incubation cycles of 21 days each, making a total of 42 days yesterday 10th January 2023, since the discharge of last confirmed case on 30th November 2022; Having registered NO new Ebola case, despite sustained intense surveillance both at the epicentre districts and nationally; I now confirm that all transmission chains have been fully interrupted and take this opportunity to declare that the outbreak is over, and Uganda is now free of active Ebola transmission."  Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth Ocero

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